Oct. 20th, 2012

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Hey there, I go by the first initial D, and I'm "The Top". The monkey and I have been on hiatus for a while, both trying to figure ourselves out, and our relationship, but things are going well. The time and distance has not always led to a place where one wants to write about new discoveries in yourself and your loving partner when they're on the other side of the country.

That said, we chose Livejournal for several reasons, some of which still apply and some of which do not.

First, is that LiveJournal was a community where a lot of our friends were reading. Facebook has kind of flattened this.

Second, is that we were able to make this blog something that you could add to your LJ friends list, or if you're not a regular LJ user, you could just add it to your RSS feed. Facebook doesn't offer RSS feeds, because it's not in their interest to do so.

Third, because we recognize that some people are reading this way, we post all posts full-public or full-private. We have told LJ not to publicize the list of who follows us (although for those users, it will show in your "following" on your profile).

With regard to comments, we screen them all, but mainly to protect your privacy. Sometimes, we'll reply briefly (which requires unscreening) and then re-screen.

At some point in the future we may move to DreamWidth, and at some point we may move to a private blogging setup (again, because facebook is not the thing it once was). If we did this, we'd probably subscribe to facebook as well, not as either of us, but as our own entity, just for "there's a new article" notification, for those who prefer things in their feed.

That said, the monkey and I are very much alive and well and still discovering and re-discovering each other, and I think I speak for both of us, when I say we've missed this.

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So, the monkey and I happened by Leather Etc. in San Francisco yesterday afternoon.

While I've never been overly impressed with their quality, they do have a lot in the way of selection, and that's been my primary interest.
Every time I pass by there, I catch some of their display windows and it made me wonder.

After all, the monkey now sports some Breast Reduction scars, like at least a few of my friends do, both my trans friends as well as those who, like the monkey, had the procedure done to alleviate severe back pain.

Some Background

In doing breast reduction work, there are basically three types of incisions they can do, shown well at the bottom of This Page. In short, the monkey had the most intrusive type of incision: the "anchor", and coming to terms with these new scars has carried some stresses.

Anyway my thought is that a chest harness serves to draw the eye away from the scars, and by contrast, makes people look at the gear. I was even hoping for something that went under the breast and hid some of the scarring.

While we found a few things that were interesting looking, what we eventually decided on was an "X" harness, with an O-ring in the center and buckles in back, attached to another O-ring. It's made of exceptionally soft, almost glove-quality leather, and the monkey wears it really well.

If you've been to the Folsom street fair, or just tried to visualize the word "beefcake" you know the kind of thing I'm talking about. This type of harness is nearly synonymous with the gay leather culture.

Putting it to Use

While my initial interest was in having the monkey wear the harness like a collar, as an "around the house" sort of mark of being in a submissive mode, or perhaps just as a "wearable handle" to use to toss her around a bit, once she got home and tried it on, she bent over the bed, and I experimentally tried her from behind, in a sort of "so if I were to do this, would you be comfortable with that." Was he ever.

At that point I discovered what I should have known all along: It's like wearing a set of handlebars for sex from behind: Snug, stable, comfortable. And with her over the side of the bed, we went at it. It was awesome. And unlike most of the other gear we own, this is designed not to restrict movement, but to enhance it.

So again, I say, dear SF Leatherman's Community: Why didn't you tell us these things were this awesome?!


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