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As some of you know, the Top and I were on the hit end of a hit and run. Crossing the street, 20-30mph limit, driver going at least 60. Didn't slow down or stop, nobody was able to give information beyond "truck with a camper attached" of which there are many in this area. We were taken to a local trauma center. The Top was discharged after several hours, but I was kept overnight for for observation. We're both basically all right, I'm a bit more banged up but he has 11 staples in his head.

As most of you know, I wear a locking collar made of solid titanium. This . . . was a problem. My neck was swelled and the collar was pressing against my skin on one side and the traction collar on the other side. Discomfort to the point of pain. Neither the Top nor myself had an allen key. There are locksmith people at the hospital apparently, but they were all gone for the night and unable to access the locksmith's tools. Bolt cutters wouldn't work, they said. They were able to take some scans of the area, but the collar interfered. The trauma staff were NOT happy with the situation. One said that it was the weirdest thing she had ever seen in trauma, which made me think she must be new. A co-worker who followed us to the hospital went to find a hardware store that was open so he could buy an allen key. Hospital staff were looking and someone finally found one that worked. Got more scans, found out my neck wasn't broken, relief all around.

Several times throughout the ordeal I commented that I never wanted to wear the "necklace" again. The Top has suggested that both of us keep an allen key on us, mine encased in glass so he would know if I used it. Honestly, I am hesitant to do even that. My neck is still in a lot of pain; sore, difficulty turning my head. I'm feeling kind of traumatizing from the whole thing, and there is a VERY strong connection in my mind still between that collar and incredible pain.

I had to have the collar taken off months ago for an x-ray. I expected to feel at least a bit out of sorts, but I wasn't at all. I haven't had any sort of collar on since the titanium one came off and I'm not eager to put one on before my neck feels better. I'd really like a collar I can wear everyday, put a padlock on, and use the titanium one for special occasions, like when we go to the local dungeon. But not anytime soon, I'm feeling a bit paranoid about having anything around my neck right now.
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