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I want to post some "life-goals" for the monkey. We've discussed some of this prior to my posting the last post.

Part of the reason for my disappointment and unmet expectations is because, in the larger scheme of things, when I think of the goals in this entry, having an entire day where "I want you to walk to the library" as the only thing I ask, be unmet is daunting. I understand chronic back pain. I understand body issues where it becomes difficult to get dressed. I understand that with even with all these meds, some days it can be DAMNED HARD to get out of the house. I don't not care, but I need improvement. I feel like you don't really understand my depression and anxiety issues.  I have trouble hearing about how I don't understand it when I don't feel you're doing all you could to help it.

That said, I think there's none of the things on this list that the monkey cannot do.

  • Get medical issues paid off. (This is all me to pay, but the bills are hers, as is the credit being damaged).

  • Get back to school, which will re-enable loan deferment.

  • Get a job. Even a stupid 2-day a week thing, because when we go to move, 2 people with steady income is better than one person with steady income and one not. I want her to eventually have a career, but right now, just a McPaycheck is enough to rent a nicer place than what we have. I'm fine with her keeping the money. I might perhaps make her responsible for paying one utility bill as a means of establishing credit and residence, but beyond all that, hers to keep.

  • Get "closure" back home. That is to say, get all things that are important to her that are there, to here. That isn't going to give me closure. I'm not going to get closure here. It's not a closure situation. This is why I put it in quotes.  I mean more of a "logistic" closure with regard to the "what happens to my stuff if my mom moves" situation.

  • Improve her relationship with her girlfriend. The distance is making it strained, and they care very much for each other, and in the absence of her girlfriend's affection, I am not happy what the void has been filled with. By "improve" I mean either "see regularly, and pay the expense" or "the girlfriend returns". I don't talk much about this here, because the journal is supposed to be about us, not about girlfriends. In summary, I want her to have regular time with the girl, wherever the girl is, and when those occur I want it to be fun and relaxed, not harried with a mess in the wake.

  • I want her wisdom teeth out by mid-year, or at least have the process started.

  • I want her to get a consult for a breast reduction, by mid-year. I want her to make an informed decision once she does so. I wonder at times if it mightn't be easier to get a full (ftm-style) reduction; wonder which would help with the body dysmorphia issues. I don't want complete removal. I just want my back to be less fucked up.   And there are varying degrees of "less".

  • I want her back to seeing her therapist regularly.

  • I want the monkey to have her driver's license. This will likely mean calling a company for a lesson and a loaner car (my car is large and unwieldly, suboptimal for a road test).

  • I want her to be organized and free from clutter and crap. It's already proven to be somewhat of a problem when needing to find important papers. She has the ability to control it, moving forward. I want her to know the procedures I do of making an hour a week to simply clear away the clutter so you can come back clean to a thing. I'm a packrat. I have a lot of stuff. I've been this way my entire life. That's not an excuse. Just tough habits to break.  Okay, so I want you to make progress in that direction.  I have...some ideas for better use of tools.

My own desires for myself:

  • I want to be completely out of debt and (student loans aside) want the same for the monkey.

  • I want a two-bedroom apartment, which will rent for a little more than the STUDIO we're paying for now. This will give us an extra room for work, and guests, and for her family to visit, and for her to do her crafting in.

  • I want to improve my credit, by buying a car. I want to give this car to the monkey for the monkey to use. The monkey does not LIKE the car I want to buy, but I don't care. The car in question is a Smart. She has expressed her dislike, and I have told her that she is welcome to buy her own car, but this one's free. So there.

  • I want to be de-stressed enough that I'm able to fit in more exercise, and start dropping this tonnage before it kills me.

  • I want to fix the three "shortcomings" I put on my cover letter when I send out a resume.

  • I want a $3000 per-person safety buffer, in the bank collecting shitty amounts of federal interest and otherwise untouched and not tied to a debit card.

  • I want to take road trips to interesting places, and have fun doing so. I used to do this. What the hell happened?

  • I want to do a cross-country train ride. (This may in fact coincide with buying her a car on the other coast, and driving back).

  • I want anyone else we have in our life, or at least anyone else who wants to wear a collar for me, have an equally clear path forward on thing like this.

  • I want to get a vasectomy so I can use my monkey any time I like. For various reasons, various types of protection do not work for us.

  • I want what I have back on the other coast moved here. Sorry for the intentional vague.

  • I want us to have a place that doesn't clutter so easily. We share a closet and two drawers right now to hold all the clothing for two people, and it's suboptimal. (Given my druthers, perhaps she'd just wear spandex everyday, which compresses well for storage). That is the next phase of my life, and it requires efforts on her part that I cannot do, in order to get to that point.

I have a similar set of goals for another pet I have, but that's a different journal. Perhaps I'll post that on fetlife.

Date: 2010-12-21 02:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I don't know if she is still under your medical. If not, contact me. I have an answer to the wisdom teeth.

Date: 2010-12-21 07:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
She is. There are other issues there, and have been, with the wisdom teeth. Her dentist didn't want to do anything without a rather-expensive CT scan first since several teeth cross a major nerve-line. And with the accident last year eating a lot of my flex-spending account and co-pays, it hasn't been the highest priority this year, especially since we've been pushing to pay off several other things, which are mostly done.

Priority on this item is high for 2011.

And somehow the "I have an answer" solution made me think of the movie "Cast Away". You know the scene. Ice Skate. Not that I think that's what your answer is, but....ow. Anyway.


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