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So, periodically, throughout our relationship, the monkey and I have discussed "hot" scenarios, things that made us both rather aroused, but were too risky and complicated to pursue immediately. Because of this impracticality, the monkey has felt it necessary to express her doubts at my ability to make such scenes happen. That was so not why!

So, last night, I decided that the monkey and I would go shopping for a few toys. The monkey pleased me by dressing in a most sexy manner (she was wearing *that* skirt). While the particular adult shop we frequented was decent in terms of their selection of most other items (lubes, insertables, videos, et cetera)...they were sadly lacking in most of the kinds of things we tend to go for...with a few notable exceptions.

We picked up a set of tweezer clamps, with the cute little bells. These have the beautiful purpose of both breaking housemates (does everything have to be about that?!) AND embarrassing the monkey if the monkey is not uber careful.

We picked up a replacement blindfold (the one I have is stretched to hell -- it fits me, but not the monkey).

And then I saw *them*. Randomly placed on some inflatable doll, hanging from the ceiling, was a set of reasonably nice suspension cuffs. They're quite elaborate affairs, with a brushed steel grip bar, panic release snaps, fur lined (I normally do not like this at all, but I realize that it can be a "snugging" feature on this particular set). I had the clerk (whom we later came to pity) get them down for us, and let me know the price ($79). After checking out the tooling and quality, I decided it was worth it.

The clerk looked carefully around and said "I'm not supposed to say this, but if you go to our site and fill out this survey you get a coupon for 25 percent off one item in the store."

I had him place the cuffs on hold, and went out to dinner with the monkey for the evening.

Tomorrow I will update about the events that took place after dinner.
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So, this morning, while the house fell empty, the Monkey and I crawled into our private dungeon and I put him in his cage: a fairly basic large dog affair from Petco . He was in there for what I felt was a good 45 minutes, basking in the glow of (if you read the entry before this one, that he wrote on the subject) being a sub-at-ease, with no privileges, but no responsibility, in a place and time where his entire universe fits inside a dog cage.

After he came out, we were cuddling, and he expressed a desire to travel caged: the cage simply loaded in the back of my van, and he locked securely inside it (the legality of such a thing notwithstanding). He's always had some kidnap fantasies, and I decided to present a scenario to him to egg that along.

Envision a road trip...

I'd fit him with a special collar, one that would have a conditioned set of behaviors, specifically: while wearing this collar, he was to act as though his life were in danger, specifically, he would be acting as though at the termination of this trip, he'd be killed, thus, his goal would be to "escape" beforehand. If he didn't take every possible opportunity (and I'd make sure some presented themselves), it would mean legitimate punishment at the end. (Of course, nobody would *actually* die).

Now, normally, for a kidnap victim, the most sane choice would be to call the police and wait for them to arrive. In lieu of this, I'd come up with an alternate scenario: he'd have to get away from his captors, dial an 800-number, specially set up for this, and *after* that, manage to avoid being re-taken for 20 minutes.

Now, there's various ways this could play out, and they lend themselves to a lot of fun. For example, on my team, I'd want at least one female (thus avoiding the obvious hiding place of the girl's room). There's the assumption that we'd have to eat, which would mean either feeding her in the car, or discreetly restraining her to another of us, and keeping her in-line that way. If this was a longer-distance road trip, there could be a hotel stay involved. Of course, the assailants would have resources like radios, binoculars, and possibly even a tracking device on the kidnapee if it became necessary. The kidnapee would have, of course, only her wits and the clothing on her back.

If the monkey managed to escape, of course, the level of force used against her would be generally up to her. We wouldn't hesitate to use real-world restraints (carefully, of course). Real rope, real cuffs, real duct tape if it came down to the monkey deciding to be noisy. As far as actually re-capturing him, it could be as simple as a two-hand-touch rule, or it could be as *real* as having to wrestle her to the ground, and drag her back to the car. I suppose, in-game, the assumption could be that there's a ransom in play, that of course won't help if she's hurt.

One of the other very important rules of course is that the monkey would have to sign a hold-harmless agreement against her would-be-assailants, and that the monkey would have to step out of character in the event that a "muggle" interfered with an attack of misplaced chivalry. She'd have to explain it as an elaborate role playing game, fraternity initiation, or something similar. Beyond that, however, the expectation is that she'd be treated like a kidnapee: roughly, without respect, and with caution.

I presented the above scenario to the Monkey, and he said "but it's not in my nature to resist". I smiled at him and reminded him that, in this case, if he didn't take *every possible* opportunity to try and "save himself", I would make sure he didn't forget it later. "That IS a powerful motivator," He admitted to me.

It's a pretty hardcore scenario, but I think it could be fun if done properly. Comments screened, and welcome.


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