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Me: So I was scrubbing the shower today and suddenly I smelled jizz and I was like, what the hell? It took me a second to realize.

The Top: (is amused).

Me: When you jerk off in the shower can you try to aim for the drain, please?

The Top: (some point about how the shower stall is a tight fit and he can barely turn around or bend over so "aiming" is kind of difficult).

Me: Well, can you just sort of push it with your foot toward the drain?

The Top: Ugh! That's disgusting!

Me: (rolls eyes)

Actually, semen tends to congeal heavily, into something reminiscent of rubber cement when it mixes with hot water.  Also, something about it changes chemically, where you can feel it on your fingers and skin for hours (it's similar to, but not exactly like, when you've been doing dishes a long time, or when you've been in a chlorine pool -- it doesn't feel like something's ON your hands so much as something's been taken OFF.

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[03:42:45] The Top:: we're keeping a nice kink journal.
[03:42:50] The Top:: it's topthemonkey on LJ.
[03:42:56] The Top:: not friendslocked in any way
[03:43:58] a friend:: oh man really? X) Isn't stuff like that a little personal not to lock?
[03:44:12] The Top:: ...if we used our names
[03:44:32] The Top:: but I kinda enjoy the stigma of "I dunno who could be reading"
[03:44:57] The Top:: and I like having it be the case that people could bookmark the journal, or the journal's rss feed, and we wouldn't even know
[03:45:45] a friend:: that's an interesting kink in and of itself :P
[03:45:51] a friend:: like.. reverse voyeurism
[03:45:58] The Top:: exhibitionism :)
[03:46:10] The Top:: heh
[03:46:14] The Top:: texthibitionism
[03:46:30] a friend:: that's it. *grin*, texthibitionism, nice one


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